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Our team building courses have been designed as a fun and interactive course, which allows people to turn their weakness into their greatest strengths.

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Turning weaknesses into strengths

The Texas Adventure and Survival School’s team building courses have been developed to turn weakness into to strengths. We have taken proven military team building and leadership exercises and adapted them for use in the civilian world. Each course can be tailored to suit our your individual needs, and can be conducted at your location or at one of our training areas.  We teach people how to effectively utilize the CoP and SWOT analysis, and how to incorporate  them into your daily life and projects. All of our instructors have real world experience in utilizing the CoP and SWOT analysis, which allows us to pass on our skills and knowledge to you. From scout troops to fortune 500 companies, we have a package to suit your needs and budget. 

Creative, fun and outside the box learning

There are a wide range of team building courses on offer, which use a standard team building instructional format. However, at the Texas Adventure and Survival School we know that not everyone learns the same, and people learn more in a relaxed and fun environment. This is why we have developed our courses to be tailored to a wide variety of settings, and a diverse range of sectors. So if you’re looking at educating your leaders and increasing productivity, or looking for a fun activity to do with your organization. The Texas Adventure and Survival School has a fun, creative and outside the box course for you. As an added bonus, we also offer after care services to ensure that your goals and ideals are being met. 

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To speak to use to find out how our courses can improve your companies productivity or for just a fun activity, please contact us and allow us to turn your weakness into your greatest strength.