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The Texas Adventure and Survival School's six-day S.E.R.E course has been developed using current military S.E.R.E training programs and adapted for civilian use. Our instructors are former military S.E.R.E instructors.

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Texas Adventure and Survival - S.E.R.E Course

In the event that you find yourself in the midst of an economic meltdown, SHTF situation, being kidnapped, or a hostile environment. You want to know you have the skills to survive, evade capture, and escape if you are captured. Because the reality is, resistance to interrogation methods have little to no impact in a real world setting. The chances are that the enemy you will face are untrained. This makes for an even worse situation, as your captures will more then likely dispose of you where they capture you, or extract information from you in the most grotesque way – then dispose of you. Even the military face this reality now, and have adapted their S.E.R.E courses to reflect this. TASS have adapted current military S.E.R.E training for civilian use, which focuses on enhanced escape, evasion, and survival methods. 

Brief overview of course content

The Escape phase focuses on teaching you how to secret various items on your person or in your cloths, which will be useful if capture. In addition, you will also be trained in how to plan an escape and useful methods to aid in your escape from captivity. 

The Evasion phase trains you in tried and tested methods to avoid being captured, and how to evade various types of surveillance equipment. 

The survival phase will teach you the principles and skills of tactical survival. Such as, surviving while on the run (OTR), foraging while moving at speed, and how to collect and purify water while OTR. 

About our course - Fight to survive

Our course has been designed to ensure that should you need to rely on the skills and drills taught you by the Texas Adventure and Survival School, you will have the best chance to survive. The course comprises of a two-day skills and knowledge phase, then followed by a four-day on the run (OTR) exercise. During the OTR phase you will be chased by a hunter force. We strongly recommend that you have completed either TASS’s three phase survival skills course, or have a good understanding of survival and bushcraft skills. We will conduct a one-day skills evaluation course to determine if you have the right level of experience, if required. For more information about our basic, intermediate, and expert survival skills courses – please click the links. For S.E.R.E course dates, please click here. 

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If you have any questions about our S.E.R.E course or you would like more information, please contact us. To book a S.E.R.E course please visit our store.