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The three-day Intermediate Survival Skills Course has been designed to enhance your basic survival skills, and train you in more advance skills. For more information, please contact us. We also offer a range of discounts, please speak to us for booking if you are coming with more then one person, or are a veteran/active duty/first responder (active or retired).


Intermediate Survival Skills Course

The three-day Intermediate Survival Skills Course focuses on building-up the skills taught to you during the Basic Skills Course. To continue your training you will learn the more in depth principles, such as:

  • Shelter – During this phase of the skills course you will learn how to make a basic wooden shelter with branches and foliage found around the local area, and how to waterproof your shelter. You will also get to build your own shelter, and live in it during the course. 
  • Water – You will be taught about various types of purification systems you can build with items found in the wilderness. In addition, you will be set a task of building one of your purification systems.
  • Fire – To further enhance your fire skills, you will be taught how to ignite a fire using various methods (no fire kits allowed). You will also be responsible for building your own fire and maintaining through the duration of the course.
  • Food – During this phase you will learn more about animal trapping and how to skin various types of animals. You will be expected to not only trap an animal, but also skin, gut and cook the animal.

In addition, we will also teach more enhanced navigational skills, signalling skills, the ABC’s to survival and much more. If you have not completed the Texas Adventure and Survival Skills Course and think that you have an adequate skill level to come on this course, please contact us to arrange a one to one session with one of our instructors, to determine if you have to sit the level one course.


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