Intermediate Survival Skills Course

Intermediate survival skills

TASS Three-Day Intermediate Survival Course has been designed as a follow-on from our Basic Survival and Bushcraft Skills Course. The aim of the intermediate course is to further enhance your basic survival skills.

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Intermediate Skills Course

The three-day Intermediate Survival Course has been designed as a follow-on from our basic level course. Our intermediate course has been designed to equip you with the necessary set of skills and drills, which will enable you to thrive in any emergency or survival situation, with less kit and equipment then we teach on the basic course. You will also learn how to make various primitive tools, such as flint knives, and give you a broader insight to survival in different environments. In addition, you will also be shown how to make your own survival tin, and how to build a salt water distiller. The land navigation course will also be more advanced, and teach you how to interpret the terrain on a map, select routes, and more in depth compass work. During the course, you will sleep in an improvised emergency shelter and you will be expected to prepare at least one meal with the food provided by us. Please note, this course is not for the faint of heart, as you will be expected to skin and gut an animal. 

Who can take this Course and what to Expect on the Course

The intermediate survival skills course is only open to students who have passed the basic survival skills course offered by TASS, or to people that are able to demonstrate that they have the required level of survival skills and knowledge for the intermediate course. Students who have passed the basic survival skills course with TASS will be accustomed to the pace of the course. However, every effort has been made to ensure that the course is inclusive for all students. The primary difference between the basic and intermediate course, is the level of physical activity and subject matter. The intermediate course has a moderate activity level, which means students will be more active then in the basic survival course. 

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Intermediate Survival Course Syllabus

The focus of the Land Navigation course is to enable you to interpret the features on various maps, and select a route over various types of terrain. In addition, you will also be taught how to use a map and compass to perform back azimuths, calculate declination, and much more.

During the Intermediate Course you will be shown how to construct a more permanent survival shelter, and how to thatch the roof, and build a fire heat reflector. 

The Hunting and Trapping section of the course will teach you how to build various types of snares and traps. You will also get to build various types of traps, and get to catch animals with them, while on the course. 

During the tool making phase you will learn how to ‘flint knap’ and build other items of tools, out of wood and items commonly found in the wilderness.

For more Information

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