Intermediate Bushcraft Skills Course


Our three-day intermediate bushcraft skills course is designed to to build upon your basic bushcraft skills and knowledge and further enhance your wilderness bushcraft skills.

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Intermediate Bushcraft Skills Course

The intermediate bushcraft skills course is a three-day bushcraft course, which has been designed to build upon the basic bushcraft skills previously taught to you. In addition, you will also be trained in more sophisticated skills aimed at maintaining a prolong time spent living and effectively functioning in the wilderness. At the completion of this course, you will be more then ready to undertake your final journey in becoming an accomplished bushcraft expert. 

Why choose our Intermeidate Bushcraft Skills Course

The aim of our intermediate bushcraft skills course is to educate and train you in the most effective skills and methods for living in the wilderness. We have done this by developing a tailored intermediate bushcraft skills course, which has been designed as a follow on from our basic skills course. However, if you believe you already have the required skills to undertake our intermediate level bushcraft course, please arrange a one on one session with one of our highly skilled instructors for them to evaluate your current skills and knowledge. 

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For more information

If you would like more information about our intermediate bushcraft skills course, or to book one of our courses speak to us today.