Expert Survival Course

Expert Survival Skills Course

The five-day Expert Survival Skills Course is a scenario based final phase survival training exercise. During this class you will be inserted into a wilderness area along with one of our instructors and other students, and tested on your survival skills.

Expert Survival Course

Our five-day Expert Survival Skills Course has been designed to ensure that our students have fully mastered the survival skills taught them, which will enable them to survive a wide variety of emergency situations. Prior to our students undertaking the expert survival course, TSAA conduct a one-day (part of the five-day package) skills assessment section. This will ensure that all of our students have the right level of skills to undertake the final four-day assessment. During the four-day assessment section of the course, our instructors will continually monitor the course for safety reasons. 

What to expert on the Expert Survival Skills Course

The expert survival skills course is a highly active course, which is conducted in all weathers and environments. Each student is required to work as part of a team to achieve the overall aim of the course. Even though you work as part of a team, each student is graded on their individual ability. Our courses are held at various locations around the United States and Europe, during various times of the year. By the conclusion of the expert survival skills course, each student will be highly competent in the core survival skills required for a diverse range of emergency situations. 

Expert Survival Fire

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