Expert Bushcraft Course


The five-day expert bushcraft skills course has been designed for students to test their self-reliant skills while in the wilderness. During the course students are closely monitored by TASS instructors, to ensure they have the required skills and knowledge to live for prolonged periods in the wilderness.

Bushcraft Expert Course

Texas Adventure and Survival Expert Bushcraft Skills Course

The Texas Adventure and Survival Schools Expert Bushcraft Skills Course is the third and final phase of our bushcraft skills program. The course has been designed to test a students bushcrafting ability and skills, to ensure that they are properly prepared to live in the wilderness of off the grid for prolonged periods. At various intervals of the course, our instructors will set certain tasks for each student to complete. Based on the results gathered during these tasks and the instructors will grade the overall skill level of each student on the course. Based on these results, students will either pass or fail the course. However, should students fail, they can re-take the course for free as many times as they like. 

What to expect on the expert bushcraft skills course

The first day on the course is focused on ensuring that the students have the required level of skills to undertake the four-day assessment phase of the course. Once this has been determined, each student will be allocated an area of land in which to build a shelter, which is robust enough to withstand all types of weather conditions. From there students will get into a daily routine of general wilderness administration (collecting water and fire wood, ensuring an ample supply of food etc.).  At certain parts of the course, each student will be given some type of task by the instructor which they must complete. The tasks vary from making a simple item such as a spoon out of wood, to naming edible plants in the students immediate area. The course is a medium to high level physical and mental intensity. 

For more information

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