Bushcraft Courses


Our Bushcraft Skills Courses have been designed to educate and train Students to progress through a three phase skills course, to enable them to progress from little to no bushcraft skills up to an expert level.

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Basic Skills Course
Intermediate Bushcraft Skills Course
Intermediate Skills Course
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Expert Skills Course
Instructors Skills Course
Bushcraft Shelter Building

Our Bushcraft Courses

We have designed our bushcraft courses to allow our students to progress from little to no bushcraft skills onto an expert skill level. From the basics of living in the wilderness and land navigation, up to building sophisticated shelters, by the time that you complete our three phase program you will be an expert in bushcraft skills and knowledge. To further enable our students to succeed, once they have attend a course, they can return to re-sit the same course for free (space permitting).

Understanding the difference between Bushcraft and Survival Courses

Both bushcraft and survival skills share the same basic foundations, but differ greatly in their methods of deployment. A survival situation is defined as an emergency situation which arises through an unforeseen series of events – which can be prepared for. Whereas, bushcraft is defined as implementing a level of skill and understanding, which enables a person to live in the wilderness for prolonged periods of time. The Texas Adventure and Survival School only teach basic survival and bushcraft skills as a single course. 

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