Basic Bushcraft Course

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The Two-Day Basic Bushcraft Course has been designed to give you a firm understanding and high degree of competency in basic bushcraft skills.

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What our Basic Bushcraft Course Offers

The Texas Adventure and Survival School’s Basic Survival and Bushcraft Courses are run side by side, as both courses share the same basic foundation skills. The two-day residential course teaches you the rudimentary basics required to start you on your journey to become an accomplished outdoors person. Our seasoned instructors are highly skilled and experienced survivalists, and are by your side every step of your journey on the basic course. During the course you will not only be taught a wide variety of skills and drills (see course syllabus section for more information), but you will also get to practice them. While on the course you will get to stay in your own tent or tarp shelter, and a full kit and equipment list will be emailed to you once you have registered for the course. If you do not have all the items on the kit and equipment list, don’t worry, as we have a number of spare items we can lend to you for the course. However, you can also look on our online store, where you can purchase many of the items on the list and pick the up on the course. 

What to Expect on the Course

There is nothing too physically demanding or mentally taxing on the basic skills course. The initial phases (the first night) of the basic survival and bushcraft course is taught at a relatively relaxed paced. The middle phase of the course (the first full day) the pace will gradually increase. By the morning of the closing phases of the course (the second morning), the pace will remain the same as the closing stages of the middle phase. However, by the end of the course, you will be highly competent in applying the basic skills and drills required for living in the wilderness or surviving in emergency situations. To ensure that you have the required level of skills and drills by the close of the course, each section of the course has a test phase. However, the purpose of the test is to ensure that you absorb the information and are able to perform the skills taught to you. 

Expert Level Survival

The Survival Drills lesson will teach you the Immediate Action (IA) Drills, which you should perform should you ever find yourself in a survival/emergency situation. The purpose of the IA Drills are to greatly enhance your chances of survival, and help you maintain life over longer periods of time. You will also be taught a variety of knots, and other essential elements of survival. During this lesson, you will also be taught how to construct a range of emergency distress signals, and how to use them. 

During the shelter lesson, you will be shown how to build a wide selection of emergency shelters. Each shelter that you will be taught to make, will be either for specific environmental conditions or for general emergency use across a wide range of environments.You will also be taught how to select and prepare a campsite. At the end of the lesson, you will then practice selecting a campsite and setting up a wide variety of shelters.  

The purpose of the kit and equipment lesson, is to show you different types of kit and equipment you can carry with you into the wilderness, which will greatly enhance your chances of survival. You will also be instructed in the correct use of the equipment, and you will get to practice how to use each item of equipment. During this lesson, you will also get taught about different types of knives and chopping tools. You will also get taught how to correct pack and waterproof your kit and equipment. 

The aim of the fire lesson is to teach you how to build a fire and maintain a fire in the wilderness. You will also be taught how to make your own fire kits, and practice how to build and maintain a fire. 

The purpose of the Basic Land Navigation course is to instruct you how to read a map and use a compass. During this lesson you will be taught 4,6, and 8 figure grid references, map and ground azimuths (bearings), route cards, and how to navigate in both day and night conditions. Once you have been taught the Basics of Land Navigation, you will then undertake a day and night navigation course. 

The water purification course has been designed to teach you not only how to purify water using different methods. But also, you will learn how to source water, and use elements around you to obtain water when no water source is near. At the conclusion of the lesson, you will get to purify creek water using the boiling method. 

During the Health and Hygiene in the Field (HHF) lesson you will learn how to maintain a general good state of hygiene in the field to prevent sores and blisters, regulate your body temperature, camp hygiene, and lots more. 

The aim of the basic animal trapping lesson is to teach you some basic snares and animal traps, which will help you provide an alternative food source for prolonged survival situations. 

For more Information

If you would like more information about the Basic Survival and Bushcraft Courses, speak to us today.