The Survival Mindset

The Survival Mindset

The key to surviving is not only having the right skills and knowledge, it is also down to your mindset and how you think.

The mind is a powerful thing, and how we think and what decisions we make influences our every action and affects the outcome of the situations we find ourselves in. Like Newton’s third law of motion states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, when you find yourselves in a survival situation in the wilderness, you must ensure that you think clearly and your decisions are not made in haste. Even if you are highly skilled and have a well-rounded knowledge of survival, you must make sure to take the right course of action, and have a positive outlook. If not, you will find yourself in an even worse situation then when you started. 

Stop sign

Just STOP and do nothing for a few minutes.

The first thing you should do when if you find yourself in a survival situation, is stop where you are and rest for 5 minutes. While you rest, do not think about the fact that you may be lost and alone in the wilderness. Find something to distract you. If it is raining, put up your shelter or tarp and sit under it, and make yourself a hot drink. If it is hot and humid, still get out your shelter or tarp and sit under it and take a few sips of water. 

The reason that you stop and do nothing for a few minutes, is you have to slow your thought process. If you suddenly go racing off into survival mode, there is a very good chance you will start to make the wrong choices and decision. Before you know it, you are so far into a bad situation and and there may not be a chance to avert the crash course you are on. At least if you stop and rest for a few minutes, you can then rest and if you are in an actual survival situation, you can start with a clear mind and be calm when you start to formulate a plan. 

Those few moments that you have stopped to gathered your thoughts, could well be the difference between life and death. Entering a survival situation with a clear mind, considerably increase your chances of surviving. 

Remain calm and don't over analyze the situation

After you have stopped for five minutes to rest and clear your mind, you then have to start thinking about survival and how to get back to civilization. Always remember that no matter what, remain as calm as you can and don’t over analyze the situation. The moment that you start to get angry and upset, your mental state will start to degrade rapidly, and your decisions will become less coherent. If you start to make the wrong decisions early on, you will lesson your chances of a positive out come. If it helps, try and remember a song, or talk out loud to yourself. This will help distract you and calm, you down. But no matter what, you have to start to have a positive outlook


Don't blame yourself, and never feel guilty

Never, under any circumstance should you start to blame yourself for the situation you are in. The moment that you feel guilty for getting lost or putting yourself in a survival situation, your mindset will change and you will question everything you do. There will be time to assign blame and figure out went wrong, once you’re safe. Your main priority is focusing on getting back to safety. Think positive, if it helps think of funny things or what you are going to eat once you are back in civilization. You will need your mental energy for staying alive, don’t waste it worrying on why you are in your situation. Positivity  leads to positive actions, which leads to a positive outcome for your situation. 

Remember, if ever you find yourself lost in the wilderness and facing a potential survival situation, remain calm and collective. Be assertive with your decisions, but not over confident or arrogant, and double check things before you do something. Remain positive and up beat, and you will over come your negative situation with ease. No matter how hard it seems at the time, it actually wont be as tough as you think. 

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