The Texas Adventure and Survival School is one of the premier providers of Bushcraft, Survival,Team Building, and other Specialist Tactical courses in the United States.

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Our Story - Texas Adventure and Survival School

The Texas Adventure and Survival School (TASS) is one of the premier providers of  survival and bushcraft skills courses, team building events, hazardous environment training, and other specialist and tactical courses in the United States. We have strived to tailor each courses to the individual needs of our students and corporate partners. Furthermore, we don’t use fancy gimmicks or posh sounding course names to gain business. We just provide the most advanced and cutting edge skills and methods, delivered in a high caliber training program. From the core principles of basic survival and bushcraft skills, to fun and interactive team building sessions, and specialized tactical training – we deliver results at a cost-effective price. The founder and senior instructor of TASS is a former British soldier and survival instructor, who has worked in many hazardous and challenging environments all over the world. This has afforded him not only real-world hands on experience, but also a trusted network of partners to compliment TASS courses and training programs. Our school is based in Sugar Land, Texas  but we are able to provide courses all over the United States and Europe. 

Enhanced Training Programs, with the right Course Content

At the Texas Adventure and Survival School, we know that not everyone learns in the same way or absorbs information in one dimensional formats. To ensures that all of our students and course participants learn and retains the vital skills and methods we teach them, we have developed an enhanced training program that caters to all abilities and skills levels. We continually monitor each of our courses, so that we are able to adjust and finetune our packages, if or when the need arises. We also liaise and partner with a wide range of other training partners around the world, to ensure that we offer the most up to date skills and methods on all of our courses. We are also able to tailor all of our courses to our students and corporate partners individual needs, at a moments notice. Due to our unique approach and training methods, we are quickly becoming a go to training provider for some of the biggest companies in the world. 

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If you have any questions about Texas Adventure and Survival, our courses, or if you have any feedback for us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.